Thursday, August 13, 2015

31 Day Challenge

31 Day Challenge

Photo by: (c) huhulin Stock Photography

A thought to ponder.... 
I wonder if there were to be a poll on how many Christians grumble against each other what the outcome would be?

At the church we are attending, I got the chance to attend their Ladies Camp in July. I had the most amazing enlightening privilege and experience of listening to the guest speaker, Kari Patterson, teach about One Courageous Community within our churches. The theme verse was John 17:11 “That they may be one as we are one.” When we are not unified and are separated into sections and groups we cannot produce the fruit that God intended us to produce. We must be unified with one spirit and one mind to reach those who don’t know our Lord and Savior and to show the world how we live in a Christ-like manner. We cannot be isolating into groups, ostracizing each other, treating each other as outsiders and causing strife, if we do, we only demonstrate that the community within our churches is fragile and fracturing. If the vine is fractured and splitting into pieces, it will not grow and produce fruit. We must love and serve one another.

At the end of the camp retreat, Kari asked us to take on the 31 day challenge of practicing with friends and family to transform ourselves into being more Christ like and strive to attain that one community - one spirit and one mind. Within the next few posts on my blog, I want to share a few of these challenges to help others grow into One Courageous Community. And if you have never heard Kari Patterson speak, I encourage women ministries at churches to attend one of her engagements.

One of the first biggest challenges and one I really struggled with is: Don’t Grumble Against Each Other. I think that this is something we all struggle with and are guilty of doing.  Many times I will grumble about someone and later feel so convicted about what I said. I had no business complaining and grumbling. I start to think, wow I just failed God in so many ways. My mouth was just spewing out poison. In James chapter 5 verse 9 it states, “Do not grumble against one another, brothers so that you may not be judged; behold, the Judge is standing at the door.” When certain people aggravate you, or rub you the wrong way, or are rude to you, or are unkind to you it so hard to not to grumble or complain about them. However, it is so important that we speak encouraging and positive words about each other. We are to love one another and speak in a positive light. Focus on the good things of one another, not the bad things. In Exodus 16 and 17, the Israelites were grumbling against Moses and Aaron. They could only think of themselves and their unhappy circumstances and blamed them for leading them into their situation. When actually, they should have been focusing on God and praising God for leading them out of slavery. We tend to do that a lot, focus on ourselves instead of focusing on God and His plans and wishes. We should be focusing on how can we serve God better, how can we demonstrate our love for him, and how can we show the world God’s love and message. By not grumbling against each other, we can take the first step in demonstrating a Christ-like character and a step towards having a one unified courageous community.

Love to you all and God Bless!